The Boxhead Launch Checklist

Posted on 9th Nov 2015

Thousands of sub-standard websites 'go live' every single day. At Boxhead we wanted to make sure we didn't launch any of those websites, that offered so much but didn't deliver a great experience. But how do you ensure you're consistently launching top-of-the-line websites for clients across the board with multiple designers and developers in the mix?

Let me introduce you to our answer

The Boxhead Launch Checklist

I know, I know it's just a set of tick boxes I hear you say. While that is true and anybody could have thought of it, nobody else did to my recollection and certainly not comprehensively.

OK you might have a spreadsheet to track this sort of thing but that's not really what spreadsheets are for and you know it.

The launch checklist has been around (in multiple versions) for a few years at Boxhead HQ. It's not special in itself, but it keeps us on track to deliver outstanding websites to all our clients every time If you're a client of Boxhead, big budget or low, your site has had the launch checklist treatment.

The checklist has seen multiple versions as we've re-visited what it takes to make great websites in our ever-evolving landscape. We expect the checklist to improve as we learn day-to-day, as development best practices settle and as new tools become a part of our workflow. As it stands, here are some of the core areas the checklist covers:

  • SEO Best practices
  • Performance checks
  • CMS specific configurations
  • Accessibility standards
  • Compatibility
  • Security
  • Legal things...

Why disclose our secrets?

We use the internet almost every single day, accessing websites, web-apps and other online tools. We know the pains of visiting a site that could with very little extra time have delivered a vastly better and more appropriate experience. With so much practice under our belts of building and launching great sites it would be inexcusable for us to hold this tool close to our chests. We want to make the web better for everyone. We can't do that on our own. Share and share alike.

Our hope is that developers the world over will adopt some of the best practices outlined in the checklist as part of their workflow. Not every item will apply to every project, that's OK. There are probably some items missing (we're not perfect – let us know how to improve it for everybody).

Why not give it a whirl on your next web project and see if it helps you launch something fantastic.